Aren't I better off just getting my shower doors at my local home improvement center?

If you can find the finish you want, the glass you want, the size that will actually fit your particular opening and are comfortable that you can install it yourself - then this might be a good option for you. We have found that every shower is unique with regard to its shape, size, plumb and / or level surfaces and other obstacles that you might have to overcome on your way to a leak-proof and great looking final product. We custom build every enclosure to your particular situation with top quality materials of the finish and glass type you choose and professional installation by our experts leaves you with an enclosure of the highest quality in fit and finish.

How soon can I get my shower enclosure installed?

Usually within one week for framed enclosures and no longer than two weeks for heavy glass enclosures.

How can you make that happen so fast? Most other places I have checked take weeks and weeks.

By custom building your enclosure in our shop with materials that we stock and glass that is sourced locally we dramatically cut down on the time you have to wait.

Why Total Glass & Shelving??

Because this is all we do - custom shower doors, glass and mirrors. We are not the same company putting in fireplaces and insulation in hundreds of tract homes every month - the ones with as many service and repair staff as actual installers. We focus on you and your needs and we strive to make every project one that will be worry-free for you for years to come.

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